FORS Silver Accreditation awarded

Having reported back in January that we had achieved Bronze status with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), we are now extremely pleased and proud to announce that we have made Silver status!

In order for us to achieve this, all company drivers had to pass the 4 FORS online learning modules and also take the FORS Safe Urban Driving Course. This involved a classroom theory module and a practical cycling module, therefore experiencing a cyclist’s point-of-view of the road.

We prepared and submitted 12 months’ worth of data concerning each vehicle with regards to how many miles travelled, how much fuel each vehicle used, what miles per gallon (MPG) each vehicle achieves each month, every three months, every six months and every twelve months, and total Co2 emissions’ concerning each vehicle by distance travelled and fuel used. In order to maintain our Silver status, this is a report that we will submit every 12 months.

Only 10% of FORS Registered companies have achieved Silver or Gold standard so we are extremely happy and proud to have made Silver status and will make every effort to continue this high standard.

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