NHS Covid-19 drive-through testing facility installation

As part of the countywide efforts to manage the Covid-19 outbreak, several NHS drive-through testing facilities have been opened across the country in recent weeks.

The roll-out of such centres has aimed to minimise the impact of testing on the local acute hospitals. This in turn helped the Government hit its target of testing 100,000 people every day by the end of April.

RME were recently involved in the installation of services for one of these centres in Farnborough, Hampshire. From the initial request, RME reacted swiftly to ensure the new facility was up and running within 1 week, and will continue to provide maintenance over the coming months during the time that it is in operation.

Trevor Roberts, RME’s Managing Director, said:

“The additional testing that these centres will provide will make a big difference in how the pandemic is managed and will hopefully help to stop the spread of Coronavirus. So we are, of course, extremely proud to have been involved with the installation of this new NHS testing facility.”

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