1. Promote cars with low CO2 emissions to reduce employee car tax and National Insurance.

2. Evaluate alternative fuel cars to see if they might benefit your fleet.

3. Ensure vehicles are regularly serviced – poorly maintained vehicles have higher toxic emissions and fuel consumption.

4. Identify opportunities to reduce mileage by recording and analysing business travel.

5. Record and analyse individual fuel consumption to encourage fuel-efficient driving.

6. Promote safe, economic and environmentally friendly driver training.

7. Ensure mileage reimbursement rates are environmentally sensitive and do not encourage drivers to make excessive journeys.

8. Provide access to web sites and route planners to minimise vehicle mileage.

9. Promote satellite navigation and telematics to help drivers avoid congestion and use the most efficient route to reach their destination.

10. Review arrangements for tele/video conferencing as an alternative to business travel.


More information can be found at www.est.org.uk or by calling the Energy Saving Trust helpline on 0845 602 1425.

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