Recently completed job: The Polygon Project, Clapham

The Polygon Project

The Polygon Project at Clapham Old Town, for Lambeth Borough Council, originally started in late 2017 as a refurbishment of the old public toilets. The building, however, proved to be structurally unsafe, so the project transformed into a landscaped and paved area. This included a bench that is rumoured to be the longest continuous bench in London!

  • Each pavement slab was so heavy that it took 2-3 men with an industrial slab lifter to move around and position them.
  • The Yorkstone used is a natural product sourced from Yorkshire and each slab was cut to order.
  • Total area laid was circa 174 m2.
  • 974 plants planted.
  • 8 tons of mulch used on the planter beds.
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