RME’s Carbon Footprint further reduced

We are very happy to announce that following the fitting of the new 2012 eco engines into our new fleet of Peugeot vehicles in the early part of last year, we can now report a carbon footprint reduction of 10%, which is largely due to our selection of the improved efficiency fleet.

Back in 2010 we made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint so we decided to limit the speed of our vans to 65mph. Following this and our promotion of van sharing, we went on to reduce our carbon footprint by 15% that year and were awarded the Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Award.

So, naturally, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to continue further with helping the environment.

Moving forward we intend to constantly monitor and reduce our environmental impact.

Read more about RME & the environment here:  http://www.rmeservices.com/images/happytree.jpg

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