New tennis court

SERVICE(S): Building
DURATION: 2 months


We built a full size match play court for a private client in rural Surrey. The court was built for family use, situated on a newly extended part of our client’s garden. RME took care of every aspect of the works from the initial concept, including acquiring council permissions, carrying out excavation and civil works – and even the finishing touches of installing the netting and lighting.

This particular client required a full size match play court, practice wall for children, full height 2.75m netting around three sides and a dropped netting on one side for easier viewing. A leisure court to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on our tennis court installations. Only the best sub-base materials are used and the top dressing is to the highest standard.

The finishing colour of our courts can be tailored to your own specification. Whether it is a standard green or an unusual lilac, we can add that personal touch if required.

The duration of an installation will always depend on the location and ease of access to the site. With good access a court can be completed in 4-6 weeks. This includes every aspect, except for the colour spraying. We always recommend the court gets used to its surroundings and weathers in for a while before it is sprayed. We can of course colour it sooner if clients wish.

Typical weeks:-
1-3 would see the excavation, setting out of kerbs, levelling, fence post erection and the laying of the sub-base. Some 152 tons of material were used on this court alone.

Weeks 3-4 would be the installation of netting and final levelling before the installation of the special top court dressing.

Weeks 4-6 would be a time for the court surface to harden before play. During the last week the white lining would be undertaken and the net posts of your choice slotted into the receptors. The net is the final piece of the puzzle.

Time for the ribbon cut and the first game!

If you have the space, why not put it to excellent use. It’s a great way to stay fit and a great way to socialise with your friends and family.
The cost of any court will vary. To give you an idea, a court with the access and location of this one would cost between £20 – £25K, depending on the final specification. For a quotation please feel free to contact us.

The best time to install a court is during the spring, summer or autumn months.

“Anyone for Tennis ?”

Client Feedback / Synopsis

As long as the weather holds out, we will be finished bang on time.

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