Mechanical induction unit replacement

SERVICE(S): Electrical, Mechanical
LOCATION: West London
DURATION: 1 year
VALUE: £500K


Works consisted of :

  • The replacement of 145 perimeter induction units.
  • The replacement of all air handling supply and extract plant.
  • The refurbishment of the main chiller plant.

The installation of TREND control and monitoring equipment.

This contract involved the replacement of several different elements all associated with the building’s ventilation and temperature control.

The main buildings system comprised of a large air handling unit (AHU) supplying high velocity temperature controlled fresh air to 145 induction units located around the perimeter of the building on three floors. Temperature control was afforded by boiler supplied main and pre-heat coils and a chilled water circuit from the roof chiller plant.

Wet services to the equipment were carefully isolated and removed. All air handling equipment within the roof top plant room was carefully cut up, dismantled and manhandled to the external open roof area for disposal via crane. In total 3 complete AHU’s and 7 extract fans were removed for replacement.

A crane was used to move the redundant material and plant from the roof to ground level for disposal. At the same time the new flat packed plant and equipment was lifted to the holding area.

Due to the restricted access and the extremely small working area it was necessary to build the new units in situe. Wet services were renewed where necessary and new valves and Trend control equipment installed.

Throughout the building the perimeter induction units were systematically replaced with new smaller quieter and more efficient modern equivalents. Each dedicated air space was provided with a new set point adjuster and Trend IQ controller to monitor and moderate the temperature control. The IQ’s were networked back to the main plant room IQ so temperatures in individual spaces could be monitored or adjusted either on site or remotely.

The existing ventilation duct work and pipework involved with the system were cleaned and chemically flushed and the main chiller plant was serviced and recharged with refrigerant.

Finally the new plant and equipment was tested, commissioned and put into service.

Client Feedback / Synopsis

Without doubt the most difficult element of these works was working in and around an extremely busy operational building. RME’s contract staff ensured that the building occupants were well informed and consideration to the health and safety of the occupants was of paramount importance.

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