Farnborough International Airshow 2012

SERVICE(S): Electrical
LOCATION: Farnborough International Airport
DURATION: 6 months
VALUE: £1,000,000+


Following a competitive tendering opportunity in 2010 after successfully providing the services for the 2008 Farnborough Airshow, RME secured two further shows, 2010 & 2012 bringing the total amount of shows undertaken to three. Requirements for 2012 were for the design and provision of mains electrical distribution and power supplies to all exhibitors and the organiser’s electrical installations within both exhibitor and public structures. This included the fit out of restaurants, chalets and hospitality structures. Site demand for the show was circa 6 MVA.

In summary, works consisted of the following:

RME surveyed and produced drawings for the complete distribution system and undertook design to ensure cables were properly sized without excess whilst maintaining compliance with regulations.  Loads and load balance were carefully planned to ensure that they remained within limits.  The Airshow was a complete success and the Client was extremely pleased with the standards of service and installation provided, this resulting in the Company subsequently receiving an order for the next three air shows taking the contract on to 2018.

Client expectations were exceeded through meticulous planning and knowledge of exhibitor requirements gained from Client care, liaison and investigation. This provided marked contrast against previous air show contractors where exhibitor loads had been subject to reconnection during show in order for equipment to remain within its rating, causing some disruption and embarrassment to the organisers at critical times.  There had also previously been widespread nuisance power supply failure due to overloads.

RME introduced plug and socket connections up to 125 Amps for exhibitor supplies to ensure minimum delay in making final connections when requested noted by the organisers as an innovative step forward .  Also introduced was secondary distribution to ensure that provision of temporary power supplies for the construction period did not impede progress. Feeder pillar interiors throughout the site were rationalised and improved to ensure reliability and safety.

Building services installations were provided to an enhanced standard to ensure optimum energy efficiency and durability for extended life.  A number of cost savings to exhibitors were achieved through design review of the electrical distribution system resulting in alternative solutions in a number of areas.

Design review is always used to identify best solution at minimum cost.

RME commissioned a bespoke online ordering, payment and management system to lead exhibitors through the ordering process whilst providing critical installation data and traceability throughout. The system proved so successful that it is now fully integrated into the organisers online exhibitors portal providing a seamless experience for any customer exhibiting at the show.

RME have now been the official Electrical contractor at the Farnborough Airshow for 6 years with a further 6 years secured under contract.

Client Feedback / Synopsis

Of particular interest in 2012 was the visit of the Prime Minister David Cameron who opened the show under the lights supplied and installed by RME.

Over twenty kilometres of cabling is installed by RME to make it all happen.

RME keep in stock over three quarters of a million pounds of cabling, power distribution and accessories.

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