Church – Lighting, design and installation

SERVICE(S): Electrical
LOCATION: 9 months
DURATION: 1 year
VALUE: £150K


RME were commissioned to design and install a new state of the art lighting scheme to serve all areas of the church. The scheme is based around specified architectural light fittings, these consist of off-the-shelf and also unique bespoke fittings, made specifically to order. Additional works include the installation of some small power and a new sub-main electrical supply.

Due to the many different uses of the building, much consideration was made at the design stage. The location of the light fittings in this unique grade 2 listed building was the key to the scheme. Both architectural and amenity lighting are required to show off the stunning workmanship and features of the building. All of the wiring is 100% concealed in ducts allowing for a rewire of circuitry in the years to come.

Control of the lighting is carried out using a dimming rack and associated switching. A central control panel is placed out of sight. All of the lighting circuits are then wired back to this panel allowing for modifications to the circuitry in the future with minimal disruption to the fabric of the building.

This panel is then controlled by a sophisticated yet simple touch screen control switch. Set scenes can be programmed at the touch of one button. For example two scenes may be :-

1. A wedding with the nave architectural uplighting at 100%, the alter lighting at 80% and the rest of the areas 50% lit.

2. Cleaning mode where all lights are at 100%.

In addition to the main touch screen, amenity switches are placed at the other entrance doors. These may bring on a particular lighting circuit or circuits to allow a person to enter the building and access the master touch panel with ease. Multiple panels may be added and the system is infinitely programmable. The luxury of altering the lighting scenes or levels at any time in the future without a requirement for a change in wiring.

There are also additional advantages in dimming the light fittings. Energy is saved by reducing the power required to light the lamp at 100% and in turn this means that the life of each lamp is extended, reducing maintenance costs.

Dimming and control systems have come a long way since the twist of a knob on the wall. Sophisticated systems are now installed in many buildings ranging from a theatre, multi-storey office block to a single dwelling.

It may not be as expensive as you think. If you would like to talk to us about a new installation or maybe revamping your old lighting system to improve efficiency and save energy, why not give us a call.

Client Feedback / Synopsis

The complete lighting solution really does enhance the beautiful backdrop of the churches architecture.

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